Jayce's Arrival

Jayce was born in August 2007, the year of Pig. I was expected with Jayce when Ian was around 5 months old. At that point of time, I had quit my existing job in order to take care of Ian. Looking after a baby is not an easy task! You will need to sacrifice to fulfil your commitments. I simply can't cope with two babies with the only a 10-months age gap between them. I was worried about everything concerning Ian and the little one. After several discussions, things sorted out beautifully and we decided to keep the little cutie, and welcome her as part of our family. From then on, I continued taking care of Ian until I faced some difficulties in doing so when I was 7 months pregnant. Squatting down to bathe Ian was tough. As such, Dennis decided to employ a maid to take care of Ian and to help out in the household chores. Due to the lack of rooms in my in-laws' house, we agreed to move into our flat which was purchased 1.5 years ago. As it was a re-sale flat, there is a need to renovate and furnish the place with new furniture. It may sound easy, but it was absolutely not. In fact, the preparation was so tiring and time consuming. Soon, everything was completed and we prepared to move in on 01 July 2007 which was roughly a little more than one month before I am due to delivered. We actually celebrated Ian's first birthday together with the housewarming celebration. After spending such a long time to get the house together and planning for these events, I finally get to rest and patiently waited for Jayce's arrival. I must say i don't get much rest when I was expecting both of the little ones. Ian accompanied mummy to work everyday and Jayce accompanied mummy to plan for a big project. Babies, Mummy loves you!

Ian's Arrival

Ian was born in July 2006, the year of Dog. When I realised that I have actually missed a month, I started to suspect that I was expecting. But, I still did not carry out any test on it. In fact, I actually procrastinated for another two weeks before proceeding to a GP. As it was unplanned, I admit that I was afraid the test result will be positive. I have no courage to press on for further confirmation on this. But, Dennis provided me with an abundance of love, care and concern which assured me that he was ready for this arrival. He had never shown any sign of being fearful of commitments and responsibilities that he was going to be challenged with, neither did he seemed to be thinking of shedding his responsibilities from too much worries. We went to the GP after some consideration and he was filled with joy with the positive results. But I was shocked, speechless being entirely unprepared. What should I do? Questions popped up in my head quickly! Without hesitation, he announced the good news to everyone including his mum. And I can say this was the first commitment we agreed on.

Lovable Babies

Loving them every day, every hour, every minute, every second, part of genes and blood that flows. Ian was born in 2006 and Jayce in 2007. These two bundles of joy bring us laughter and tears that touches our heart. We are trying our best to cultivate good characters and habits in them. But, nowadays, kids are hard to control, they simply enjoy luxury and comfort around them. Ian carries out rough and mischievous acts, but his concern is to get our attention when we are around. Being the eldest, you will probably get much more love and attention than anyone, as a result you will be overprotected and pampered. Jayce carries a foul temper with her. With her tough character, she is very independent at all times. But, once being provoked by anyone, she will get mad and throw tantrums. Afterall, they are just precious gifts of mine.

Let's Start!

Being inspire by Doreen to start blogger again...
This period of time is a new challenge to me, facing ups and downs that require decisions making. Must learn to be optimistic and positive thinking, no doubts in everything, and be confident in your decisions. It is just another stepping path for me to learn through. I hope everything can go through smoothly in times arrive.
Married for 3 years, with two lovely precious have change my entire life to another stage. Though it applies 酸甜苦辣,but I am contented with what I have now. Thanks Daddy, families and friends for the moral support. With Ian and Jayce ('s) presence, I have strengthened my ability to reach my achievements. Thanks Babies.